Common Merganser Duck House
Common Merganser Duck House Common Merganser Duck House
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This house provides a perfect nest box for mergansers that normally nest in tree cavities. Positioning a house on a pole in the open water provides extra protection from predators.

NOTE: All of our nesting boxes open up for easy cleaning of the nest box! The clean out panel for this nesting box is on the right hand side when facing the entrance from the outside. It is "hinged" at the top, swings open from the bottom and is held closed by an "L" bracket located at the lower rear of the panel.

RANGE: Breeds across Canada from eastern Alaska, Manitoba and Newfoundland south in mountains to California, northern New Mexico, Great Lakes and northern New England. Winters south to northern Mexico and Georgia; also in Eurasia.

HABITAT: Breeds on wooded rivers and ponds; winters mainly on lakes and rivers, occasionally on salt water.

Dimensions: 24 1/4 in. x 11 in. x 13 in.
Hole Size: 4 in. x 5 in.

Construction: The duck house is made from Eastern White pine and the entrance hole is an oval hole that is 3 in. x 4 in.

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